What is México Venue Finders?

Mexico Venue Finders is a free venue and suppliers finding service for your event, meeting or travel needs in Mexico. Find best option by contacting multiple venues and providers with one click.

Who Uses Mexico Venue Finders?

Anyone looking for a venue or event supplier in Mexico for his or her event. People like event planners, organisers, conference managers and even couples looking for a wedding venue. From business through to personal use, Mexico Venue Finders can find you the perfect venue.

Who is listed on Mexico Venue Finders?

Any company with Venues or event services for hire. From hotels through catering services to av equipment providers. You can find detailed profiles for each venue and provider including rooms for hire, capacities, available facilities.

How this site works?

Simply use the search facility on the homepage at the left. The more fields you enter in the better the result you will get and the quicker you will find your perfect option.

What is the cost for the services of the Venue Finder?

Our services are FREE to you since suppliers pay us a commission on bookings made.

I need to find a venue that offers bedrooms, do you take care of that?

Of course we do!!, we are not only helping you finding venues but also accommodation transportation, catering services, furniture hire, restaurants, wedding planners... Just let us know what you need, you can count on our more than 30 years of experience to find the best option for you.

Do the venues add on your commission to maintain their rates of payment?

No they don't. Our income is derived from commissions from venues with no mark up to our clients. Venue rates are reduced below standard rates because of our negotiating skills. This is why using Mexico Venue Finders makes perfect sense: we guarantee finding the best out there for you, and your business will save money in the process!

Is it cheaper for me to go direct?

Unlikely – because of our buying power and negotiating skills, Mexico Venue Finders will always offer you the best rates available – we do not mark up any rates quoted to us.

Are you affiliated to any of your suppliers?

Mexico Venue Finders is not affiliated to, nor represents any hotel or hotel group, allowing us to offer a truly unbiased choice.

Will Mexico Venue Finders take over your event?

Once the venue/vendor has been found most of our clients prefer to liaise directly with the hotel themselves but should you require some guidance, we are happy to offer our expertise/assistance – as much or as little as you may require subject to an extra fee.

What happens when I email the venues using the "Email Option"?

After you fill out our Request for proposal with your requirements, it will be send out to several venues or providers of your interest , saving you time and effort and they will get back to you directly with their offers.